winter weather

I have been teased about bringing the winter weather and snow, a lovely snow today….
Playing loads with Maks, trying wonderful wines and ciders with Jen and Vladimir in the evening. Oh and the bread…..delicious!! The texture is almost creamy, dark and wonderfully rich. Bread heaven…..
I think my sister a better chef than I, she is a master of creation in the kitchen. Wonderful creative tasty dishes and delightfully adventurous.


Champagne and Belgium chocolates!!
Much to celebrate and what a lovely way to! Playing all day with Maks, my most amazing nephew, catching up in caught moments in between with Jen. All is fabulous in Germany or at least in this happy lovely home of theirs~
I am thrilled and truly fortunate to be here.

It’s a wrap!

I wrapped up the weekend cooking for birthdays and wedding folks, all went fabulously!
Now I am in Germany with my sister Jen, her sweet son Maks and her wonderful husband Vladimir laughing joyously~
All is fantastic!
Now for the bread and beer research!!

Homeward bound

Taking the long journey home to Maine after a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. Buses, planes, buses and automobiles.
A busy week at home then off to Germany to see my sister, sweetest nephew and Vladimir!! So exciting!

Merry Holidays!!!!

Hoping all are having a holiday filled with joy, laughter and fabulous health!!
I am in Michigan celebrating with family~
Will be back in Maine for the Blue Moon New Year’s Eve


Hey Everyone!!

First THANK YOU Jess and Matt LeClair for the most spectacular website!!  I LOVE it and many are enjoying it also, it is truly fantastic.  I am very excited.

As everyone is experiencing, the weather is bleak.  I am heading out to do greenhouse work after taking the  rainy morning to play catch up inside.  Just think how ecstatic everyone will be once we feel the sun warming our skin and days!

I have a woman, Angela, coming in from Wisconsin to be my apprentice for one month and looking forward to meeting her.  She will be at my markets with me all weekend.

I had a little sprout growing in my van this market weekend, will try and post the picture, it is classic~




Hello and welcome to the new website for Fire Fly Farm!  Here you will find all the latest news and updates on what is happening at the farm and where you can find me (Billi Barker) this week!  Enjoy the new site!