Henna Heaven~

In yoga class this morning, I asked the instructor if she knew anyone in the area who did henna art, a quick call on her cellphone, she asked if 4pm would work… YES!!

Neeta came to Jen’s flat and performed her fabulous henna artistry on my hands and feet. I LOVE IT!! I have had henna parties in Maine with my girlfriends and have done belly henna at Motherblessings but have never had anyone do any on me. I am now not only planning a sari party…..there will be a henna party this Spring as well. I quickly remembered why I always had henna parties outside in the sun while enjoying cocktails. A little messy but not too bad, I was the one making the mess, not Neeta.

I am thrilled to have this to take home with me, I keep looking at my hands and smile…
It will be an exciting yoga class tomorrow!